Avalon Morning

Russian River Valley

      1. Avalon Morning
I wrote this song while on vacation in the Russian River Valley (California’s Wine Country) in the summer of 2012. I tried to capture the sound of the morning among the redwood trees and vineyards surrounding the place we were staying.

Give Me Park Avenue

      1. Give Me Park Avenue
I wrote this song to capture the sound of the retro glamour music used in TV ads of the 1950s for car commercials or fashion ads. This style is represented by very bright and happy sounding glamour music. This kind of music was also used in various TV shows and public service ads. I used orchestral sounds to capture this style, as most TV shows in those days had a live orchestra with full string section.

Las Ramblas


      1. Las Ramblas
I wrote this song to capture the feeling of shopping at an outdoor market, much like the way I’ve felt when visiting an area called Las Ramblas in Barcelona. I used handclaps, acoustic guitar, and other acoustic sounds to get a more earthy sound as well as to add a more organic rhythm sound.

Late Night Stomp’n


      1. Late Night Stomp'n
I’ve always loved some of the theme music used in late-night-comedy shows. This song is my own experiment in coming up with a theme for a late-night-comedy show, using all of the elements that I like so much about this kind of theme music

Surf Maniacs at Manhattan Pier


      1. Surf Maniacs at Manhattan Pier - Surf Maniacs at Manhattan Pier composed and recorded by Jim Pfeifer 2014 All Rights Reserved
I’ve been a member of a surf band for several years and I’ve always loved the challenge of trying to capture those classic sounds of surf music from the early 60s. The instrumental music of that era had so much style and an exciting vibe. Fender amps with plenty of reverb and tremolo, in addition guitars with “whammy bars” became a must have for every garage band trying to emulate this style. I’ve tried to recreate that sound with this song

Twangfest at the Sock Hop

      1. Twangfest At The Sock Hop
 This is a short Rockabilly instrumental that I wrote as a tribute to all of the various rockabilly guitar players that I’ve learned from over the years. I’ve always loved this style of guitar playing as it is a uniquely American style and represents a mash up of genres that collided in the 1950s including Country, Western Swing, and Blues, and represented the beginning of Rock-n-Roll.

Zenoid Rumble


      1. Zenoid Rumble
A few years ago I entered a songwriting contest for a new online cartoon show called The Zenoids.  The assignment was to come up with a 42-second piece of music to be used in the opening theme for this cartoon, involving alien characters.  The judges for this contest included William Shatner and Michael Giaccino (famous Hollywood film composer).  My entry was one of the top-40 finalists.  I was thrilled to get that far as the competition was very good!  You can see the entire list of competitors here.