Surf Maniacs at Manhattan Pier


      1. Surf Maniacs at Manhattan Pier - Surf Maniacs at Manhattan Pier composed and recorded by Jim Pfeifer 2014 All Rights Reserved
I’ve been a member of a surf band for several years and I’ve always loved the challenge of trying to capture those classic sounds of surf music from the early 60s. The instrumental music of that era had so much style and an exciting vibe. Fender amps with plenty of reverb and tremolo, in addition guitars with “whammy bars” became a must have for every garage band trying to emulate this style. I’ve tried to recreate that sound with this song

Space Age Man Cave


      1. Space Age Man Cave - Space Age Man Cave
I wrote this song as a tribute to the genre known as “Space Age Pop”, made famous by composers such as Henry Mancini and Juan Garcia Esquivel in the late 50’s and early 60’s. This style of music was used in so much of the TV and film of the 60s for shows like “The Pink Panther”, “I Dream of Jeanie” and lots of others. I had a lot of fun working on this tune, but it really tested my skills in coming up with interesting horn parts that sounded authentic. I still love listening to these composers for inspiration

Invasion of Mayberry


      1. Invasion of Mayberry

I’ve always loved the music used for various TV Shows and movies of the 1960′s, especially the music for sci-fi, spy movies, and comedies. I was trying to capture the sound of those shows I loved as a kid, doing my best to imitate my favorite session musicians of LA’s famous Wrecking Crew. I imagined that I’d been given the assignment to write a theme for a Don Knotts movie where he was cast as a CSI-style investigator for a UFO landing that has just occurred in Mayberry. This is what came out of my self-imposed assignment. Being a member of a surf band, I also wanted to incorporate some of those guitar sounds as well just, to add to the retro vibe. I used Baritone Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, and orchestral parts to fill out the sound. This song was a 2nd place Winner  in the 2013 International Songwriting Competition.

Twangfest at the Sock Hop

      1. Twangfest At The Sock Hop
 This is a short Rockabilly instrumental that I wrote as a tribute to all of the various rockabilly guitar players that I’ve learned from over the years. I’ve always loved this style of guitar playing as it is a uniquely American style and represents a mash up of genres that collided in the 1950s including Country, Western Swing, and Blues, and represented the beginning of Rock-n-Roll.